Convenience is one of the many reasons why consumers prefer to purchase goods and services from a one-stop-shop.

Instead of having to go to multiple businesses, they can just go to one location for all of their needs.

Think of shopping at Super Target for furniture, clothing and groceries. The same convenience is present for a manufacturer that makes many different products. Customers may not think there is a difference between companies that outsource some of their manufacturing and those that do it all in-house but there are distinct advantages. Here are four reasons why a one-stop-shop is beneficial for your business.

1. Lower Costs

Manufacturing everything in-house saves the customer money because the company does not purchase the product at its retail price and mark it up further like a reseller. The savings will be even more pronounced when purchasing the product in larger quantities. Lower costs are a great benefit of choosing a vendor that does as much in-house as possible. Why pay more for the same result?

2. Better Communication

Problems arise all the time in manufacturing, especially when the products are custom. The slightest issue can affect and delay the whole project, so having everything in-house makes communication much better. Rather than talk over the phone or through email, workers can talk directly to your representative and get everything corrected. This helps settle issues quickly and decisively, all while keeping you in the loop.

3. Quicker Turnaround

On a similar note, a true one-stop-shop produces a much quicker turnaround. There are no extra product shipments or scheduling conflicts. The process starts as soon possible and each machine is set up for each step before being passed to the next station. Receiving products late often cause huge headaches for customers and this in-house workflow stops inefficiency in its tracks.

4. Better Product Fit

The final reason to work with a one-stop-shop is that there is a better product fit. When a company manufactures each part of the product it has a better sense of how the whole thing fits together. This creates a more innovative and cohesive product. For most customers getting a unique and stellar product is the most important goal and working with a one-stop-shop accomplishes this.





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