Showcase a full palette of material swatches in a single hand

Make it easy for customers to see all their options at a glance with convenient, portable fan deck swatch books. Easy to transport and store, these sample kits display a number of fabric swatches on a single page – fanning out to showcase all your SKUs. Plus, the compact format uses less material than other textile
sampling methods, which helps your budget go farther.


Deliver individual fabric swatches quickly and cost-effectively

These individually selected and conveniently sized swatch cards allow customers to see the materials they are most interested in (and likely to buy), without unnecessary expense or waste. A convenient ordering process and fast turnaround helps you turn inquiries into sales.
  • You’ll save on material and fulfillment costs.
  • Your customer will receive sample fabric swatches in business days, not months.


Present your textile samples to their best advantage

Showcase a selection of larger fabric samples or display your entire collection. Based on your needs, we can create anything from a single-panel sample card to a large multi-panel sample display, or a full sample kit containing a collection of sample cards in custom packaging. A few options include:
  • Island Sample Card – Individually mounted swatches, with clear space around each for better visualization
  • Battle Ribbon Card – Samples which butt up to each other to show a full spectrum or efficiently display a large quantity
  • Sandwich/Framed Card – Samples “sandwiched” between layers of cardstock for added durability
  • Waterfall Card – Overlapping samples that allow close comparison and touch


Generously sized textile samples allow customers to fully experience your product

Stacked and permanently bound material swatches can all be the same size or presented in a “stepped” format to display several coordinating options together. These versatile and durable swatch books may be grouped by material, color family, texture, price group, or in special collections based on your needs. A custom-designed cover or case adds impact and lasting durability. An integrated handle enhances portability and storage.

Industries & Applications

Apparel – Fabrics & Trims
Architectural – Material Planning & Presentation
Automotive & Marine – Upholstery & Trim
Building Supplies – Paints, Finishes & Materials
Interior Design – Fabrics, Flooring, Upholstery, Wallpaper, Window Treatments
Medical – Device Textiles, Facility Fabrics, Scrubs


What our customers are saying.


How much do our fabric swatchings cost?

We would love to provide a simple pricing chart for fabric swatchings but there are so many options in terms of style, materials, artwork, finishes and quantities that prices are too variable. Clients often decide on new materials or methods through our consultation process, as well. The best way to get an accurate estimate is to fill in the quote request form below with as much detail as possible and one of our account managers will get back to you with a quote.

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