Good design is obvious, great design is transparent’.

Are you really getting the best design quality for your money spent or are you paying big bucks for someone else’s design with your logo stamped on it? When thinking of design, the end result must be the main focus. Trendex integrates design into the manufacturing process which proves to increase sales, lower sales costs, and win business. Recently, a potential customer asked us the following question:

“Why does Trendex charge for conceptualization?”

Our collaborative efforts across multiple areas of the production process guarantee the effectiveness of samples. Manufacturers of finished goods have a hard time getting customers and prospects to value the distinctions in their products. With extra attention invested in design of each individual presentation, the results speak for themselves. A great design is not just something that is pleasing to the eye. Great design takes the following into consideration; functionality, mechanics, interactive components, manufacturing, shipping, and longevity of customer impression.

Time and time again, Trendex has supplied presentations to companies that were in need of a one of a kind presentation. Trendex has done quite a bit of work with companies that have skipped a step in the design process (such as manufacturing something that doesn’t secure brochures when transported) and we have helped them find great solutions to turn their sales upward. By asking the appropriate questions, the customer saves money in the long run.

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