How can you package your brand so that it represents your strong identity?

A brand is your company’s identity in the marketplace, and it is packaged and delivered to consumers through various methods, including your website, sales kits, business cards, and binders. Packaging is not only a box that contains a product, but a vehicle to project your company’s brand and image. The ways you choose to package your brand will determine how your brand is received and remembered. What messages are you imparting with the tools you use on a daily basis? One of the most commonly used tools is the presentation binder, but it is often overlooked as a way to professionally, and usefully, represent your brand.

Most marketers don’t realize the impact, both negative and positive, that a poorly designed binder can have on their sales. A well-manufactured binder can speak to the most important aspects of your brand through its design. Not only are you able to display your logo and color scheme through a binder, but you are also able to incorporate design elements that reflect the values of your company. For example, if your company’s personality is one of strength and modernity, a sleek matte finish with simplistic design might do the trick. If your goal is to impart that you are an eco-friendly business, then opt for a natural tone, bare board binder. There are many ways to achieve the image you want, but first you have to define exactly what that image is.

Think about the core values your current business represents and what you would like to present. Consider the differences between the two. You can’t change your business image over night, but by altering how your brand is packaged, you can slowly mold the brand itself. The following are ways presentation binders can positively package your brand.


The general design speaks volumes about your business intention and your ability to successfully implement those intentions. The height, width, shape and form all influence a customer’s perception of your organization. Your binder design should align to the image your brand and slogan represent. Part of successful branding is being consistent in the business message and image you present through all work mediums. Luckily, you don’t have to be a designer yourself to pinpoint the most effective binder design. Through a process of defining your intention, your goals, and your budget, professionals can work with you to find the best option for your needs.


Although often considered secondary to the binder design itself, materials often define the personality of a binder and determine how exactly a binder can be designed. If your company champions quality products as a business virtue, you don’t want your binder to be less than quality. Customers can tell if a material is low grade and likely to break, which may have other implications for your business. By investing in a material that reflects your brand personality and picking a design that is built to last, packaging your brand through binders will become a lot easier.


The color of your binder should reflect the colors in your logo in some way, even if it’s only through the accented elements. The color of your binder is a simple and easy way to catch people’s attention, and the color of your binder and other sales materials will last in client’s minds, even if your business presentation did not.


Depending on the intended function of your binder, it can be made to successfully present or record information. Creating a binder that functions both as a design tool and a functional tool is essential to creating a good binder for your team. What’s the point of designing an unusable, non-functioning binder? Your employees will not enjoy it and will therefore not use it, and customers will find it frustrating and short sighted. Keep functionality in mind when designing your binders.

Start looking for unexploited ways to package your brand in your daily business. Whether it’s through binders, business cards, sales kits, or brochures, your brand and business persona need to be vital in each of item. Make your business image stand out by representing it all of your business tools.

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