As times change and technology progresses, businesses have to plan for the future. Those that are content with the status quo risk their very livelihood. While Trendex has already made big changes, we will have to continue to do so in order to stay competitive. Many new market trends pose challenges that must be adapted to. Environmental awareness is making consumers more conscious toward materials and waste, cloud computing is moving data storage to the internet and robotics is turning manufacturing to more automation. Just 10 years ago the iPhone came out and created the whole industries of mobile marketing and app development. Who knows what will come out in the next 10 years. The only certainty is that there will be monumental changes and the Blockbusters, Borders and Pan Ams will be swept away. Companies that don’t plan for the future are left in the past.

The roadmap for Trendex is to capitalize on these emerging trends and expand into new markets. Swatching, in particular, has to adapt to these recent changes. Traditionally it has been an industry with high labor costs, unsound environmental practices and high expenses for customers. Trendex can lead the way by directing change in the industry. Our goal is to provide the best possible platform for workers, clients and stakeholders. That means creating more efficient production practices, introducing eco-friendly materials and offering products that are less costly. This would shift swatching from a headache to a strategic asset. The fact is that swatching is necessary for the end consumers to see and feel the material before the purchase. There just needs to be a better way to provide textile manufacturers with the product they need. Utilizing cheaper solutions such as memos, digital swatch cards and rapid online delivery could revolutionize the industry. Besides that there’s an opportunity in creating swatches for apparel companies. Most companies focus solely on upholstery and neglect other avenues.

How else will Trendex be different in the future? Not only will business practices change, but personnel will change as well. As small business owners, Jeff and Tom have to put a succession plan in place. Provided they don’t sell the company to another company or owner, they would like to keep it in the family and Jeff’s daughter Alex (the production manager at Trendex) is the prime candidate. Should she take over at the helm the company would experience a shift in its culture and environment. In order to attract and retain millennials, Trendex will need to adopt a more collaborative atmosphere, teambuilding and flexibility. This will help the company get the most out of its employees and create an attractive place to work. As Trendex continues to grow the closer we are to needing a larger plant and office space. Perhaps, the new facility will include bean bag chairs, a ping pong table and espresso machine. One thing for sure though is that Trendex will not be the same.

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