[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Oftentimes packaging gets overlooked in favor of the product. While product development is extremely important, packaging remains the first thing that a customer sees when they’re looking for items to purchase. Some of the most widely purchased products utilize ingenious packaging designs because they are an integral part of the experience and the company’s brand. These include Tiffany’s blue boxes, Henri Bendel’s brown and white striped boxes and Barney’s black bags. Here are four reasons why packaging should reinforce your brand.


1. It is the first thing customers see.

Even though customers are most excited about the actual product, the packaging is the first element that captures their attention. Because they are faced with so many choices, it’s imperative for companies to use packaging to stand out. There’s only a certain amount of items that customers are going to even look at and the ones that they decide between almost always are unique in some way.


2. It can set you apart.

While scanning the different items, customers have a limited attention span. Making sure that your packaging is special will draw their eyes right toward your product. Imagine a collection of 100 items and there are only a few that really grab your eye with their color selection or design. Those products will be the ones that you contemplate purchasing before making your decision. The items that all look too similar or bland won’t even be considered.



3. It can reflect your personality.

The packaging should also show off a brand’s personality. This can be accomplished through the color scheme, design, typeface, material and shape of the package. Customers should feel a specific emotion when they are looking at your product such as calmness, excitement or nostalgia. Taking the time to select an attractive packaging design can engage the customer to¬†associate that feeling with the brand and have a desire to purchase the product time and time again.


4. It can be interactive.

The best-packaged products offer new ways for customers to interact with the product. It can be as simple as displaying the product in a new way or adding different layers to the packaging. Perhaps, many of your competitors use a simple rectangular box to package their items. You could offer a new level of interactivity by showing the product through a clear pane, using a setup box to build anticipation as the item is revealed or have a collection of panels that display samples without being too bulky. Any way that allows your customer to experience the product in a novel and relevant way is good for business.


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