The importance of “touch” in an increasingly virtual world

The texture of the product; the cool, silky feel of the fabric, the ability to juxtapose the color and the composition of the material against a complementing or contrasting medium.  None of these sensations were possible –or at least as real-world vivid—in the virtual online realm.

And that’s why –as amazing as digital technology may be—nothing will ever replace the tactile, immediate sensation of holding, feeling an aesthetically beautiful design material.  And in this increasingly competitive, crowded marketplace, with millions of choices at the consumer’s fingertips, that instantaneous, full-color .pdf file certainly carries the value of immediacy, but nothing will impact the recipient’s senses like a gorgeous presentation of the actual products they are investigating.  No hyperbole or hi-res photo can convey the visceral appeal of a beautiful textile, a burnished wood or a piece of granite or marble, millions of years in-the-making.

And this is where Trendex can provide you that competitive edge. By housing these materials in a presentation that places your products in their most favorable light—in context with other mediums, and in a fashion where they can be touched, felt, experienced—suddenly they are transformed into a wall-hanging, a countertop, a room, an office…a home.

Let Trendex show you how a custom, boutique-quality presentation of your products will not only distinguish them from those of your competitors, but will captivate the imaginations of your clients as no standard display can. The secret is not just in the aesthetics of beauty, but in the magic of touch.

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