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When each of our products is made they are the culmination of a long and strategic process. Salespeople, in particular, have a unique attachment to the product that they helped form. Since the first point of contact, they’ve been involved in every detail of the design from the type of material used and structure to the artwork and smallest of features.


That’s why it’s more than just a product. It’s the result of a job well done, a beautiful object generated from a mere idea.


With that in mind, we will introduce you to our salespeople and the favorite projects they have been a part of. We hope that you learn not only about the development process but our employees as well.


Senior Account Manager Bill Decker

3M Project

Bill’s favorite project is a sales training book that was made in conjunction with FedEx for one of the material divisions of 3M. What he liked about this particular product was the challenge of incorporating new design ideas. While creating a standard binder can be gratifying, Bill enjoys out of the ordinary projects the most.


His client got inspiration for the graphic from a previous product Trendex manufactured. They were able to incorporate the x’s and o’s into this new project along with a bookmark and elastic closure before being finished off with a thermal deboss. The result: a unique binder that communicates the need for a strategy to their employees.


Client Development Specialist Cameron Dwyer

Window Creations Project

Cam’s favorite project is a sample kit made for Window Creations. This was a special product because it represented his first time working on a sales kit. He learned some of the difficulties that come with this kind of project such as ordering the right selection of foam and cutting the inserts just right for the samples to fit.


The good thing was that Window Creations had an idea of the look they wanted and Trendex was able to work with them to create a product with the perfect features to showcase their samples. We managed to balance the cost-effectiveness and professionalism they were looking for by using affordable material and a fancy foil stamp finish. In the end, Window Creations was happy to have a product this versatile and easy to handle with the ability to ship it or show it off on a shelf.


Senior Account Manager Bruce Vukelich

HID Global Project

Bruce’s favorite project is a sales kit that was made in collaboration with Tartan Marketing for a company called HID Global. What made this a unique project was the actual product used. HID Global manufactures technology that keeps track of inventory and even animals for large farms. Bruce enjoyed working with such a different piece of technology that despite being small makes a big impact.


In order to make a case for this product, Trendex had to use innovative techniques such as gluing down a vacuum formed tray. While Bruce has the most fun working on custom cases that show off a product well, any time a customer is satisfied he knows that he achieved his goal. HID Global was rewarded with an outstanding and professional looking sales kit that has received comment after comment. I’d say that’s a job well done.


Thank you for reading and we hope you enjoyed learning more about our employees. What kind of projects are your employees passionate about?[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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