Eco-friendly materials are a great way to promote your brand to become a socially responsible business operator. These types of packaging are both biodegradable and recyclable!

Many consumers prefer to buy from a company with a strong environmental reputation. If a business is reducing its carbon footprint and offering eco-friendly packaging, then it’s bound to appeal to a large number of customers. Consumers actively choose brands if they made their sustainability credentials clearer on their packaging and in their marketing – so it’s definitely worth using.

In turn, those customers are more likely to connect that brand with the concept of sustainability which secures its place in the customer’s mind. Plus, they are more likely to buy again and remain loyal to your brand.

Is it expensive to go green?

There is a common misconception that going green is costly, but it’s actually quite cost-effective to go green. By reducing the materials used, manufacturing ends up costing less. Also, the packaging becomes lighter therefore, shipping becomes cheaper too. If more companies demand recyclable materials, it encourages manufacturers to produce more, which subsequently brings down the costs of these products.

Below are some of the recyclable and eco-friendly packaging designs that you can use as inspiration. These products encompass packaging for different types of products.

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