It’s a statement you hear frequently: Invest in quality for long term benefits.

So, why do few people follow these words of wisdom?

Typically, it comes down to price. While designing a sales kit or sample kit, one of the first questions is, “Does it fit into our budget?” If getting the lowest price is your priority, you’re already on the wrong track. Lets face it: companies create sales kits to drive sales.

An effective sales kit aligns business goals, creativity, and communication. But with a poorly designed sales kit, you might hinder sales rather than help. You should first ask, “How can we best represent our business?” If you have a quality product, your sales kit should make that obvious. Here are three reasons to put quality above price:

1. High Quality Kits Offer a High Rate of Return 

With greater investments come greater rates of return. If done right, a sales kit can pay for itself.

Imagine a business that specializes in kitchen surface designs. If they stick to their small budget of $35 per kit, their sales kit could primarily feature photos and only a few raw building

materials rather than their full offerings. While presenting to potential customers with the poorly designed sales kit, they may instead look elsewhere, assuming the business’s design services

might be as disappointing as their sales kit.

By investing in a quality sales kit that cleverly features most of their building materials while highlighting their business offerings, the business will get high level contracts. Before writing off a quality kit because of your budget limitations, consider your potential long term rate of return.


2. Kits are for Customers

Customers can tell when they come first. Your sales kit is a great way to show how much you value your customers because it’s created specifically for them. When a company prioritizes informing customers in creative and effective ways, customers come to expect the same level of quality and care in the services you offer.

It’s a way of creating trust collateral in your clientele. By investing in a quality sales kit, you are also investing in your company’s brand and image. As people come to associate your business with quality and effectiveness, sales should increase.

3. Quality Gets Noticed

harris binder with swing sets and swatch cards

Investing in a quality sales kit might seem financially risky at first. Get your business noticed by having a sales kit that stands out. People judge books by their covers, and they will judge the aptitude of your business by your sales kit. If a potential customer is wavering between two businesses, the business that provides the clearest information in the most engaging way is more

likely to be kept in mind when that customer is making a decision.

To make sure customers notice and remember you for the right reasons, invest in designing a quality sales kit from the beginning. The presentation of your information is just as important as what you’re presenting. Make sure people will take that second or third glance at what you’re offering by having a quality sales kit.






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