The world around us is becoming increasingly digital. From chatting with friends to finding information, everything we used to do face to face is now done on a computer screen. And that includes shopping. You’ve probably ordered products from Amazon and eBay for years. It’s even possible to make major purchases online, such as cars or even houses. But just because you can doesn’t necessarily mean you should.

Stand Out With A Hands-On Approach

You could buy a car without ever seeing it in person, but you’d be a fool to do so without test driving it. You could purchase a house you’ve never set foot in, but how would you have any idea what the house was actually like?

It’s the same way with selling tangible products of any other kind. People look at pictures online and trust that they’re getting the product they want, but there’s no real way of knowing until it arrives at their door. They can read product descriptions that tell them exactly what it’s like, but there’s a good chance those descriptions were written by someone who never actually used the product. What do those descriptions tell you about what you’re actually getting?

When selling tangible products, you need to set yourself apart. It’s important to be able to show your customers what your product is and why it’s best for them. If you have numerous variations of the same product, you need to be able to show your customers what makes each one different in a practical way and help them decide which one best suits their needs. Using hands-on sales tools such as B2B samples, allows you to give practical demonstrations of physical products to get your customers’ attention and show them what your company and products are all about.

Making Yourself Unique

Of course, setting yourself apart from the competition only works if your products really are different from those of the competition. Many companies make the mistake of trying to be exactly like their competitors. Others do find a niche that sets them apart, but then they get stuck there, never growing or evolving.

If all you do is the same thing you’ve always done, or the same thing your competitors are doing, then you have nothing new or unique to show your customers. And they, in turn, have no reason not to buy from your competitors instead of you.

That’s why your sales tools should be designed to show what’s unique and interesting about your products. Why should customers choose your company? What do your products have to offer them that no one else’s can? Selling tangible products online doesn’t give you as much opportunity to stand out from your competitors as the use of hands-on sales tools does. By relying on the Internet, it’s hard to determine that there’s truly something worth knowing about that you can’t see from the picture or the description.

But using B2B samples and sales tools, you can help customers understand what makes your products worthwhile. You can show them what new and different things your company is trying and let them see firsthand how you’re evolving to meet their needs.

Selling tangible products gives you a unique opportunity to set yourself apart from the virtual world, using hands-on sales tools to increase your brand’s popularity. So how will you use those tools to make your company stand out?

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