• User-Friendly Design

    With a descriptor label on every sample, spiral binding and an attractive slipcase, Trendex helped Twitchell create a sample kit that customers don't want to put down.

The Challenge

Before working with Trendex, the Twitchell Corporation was having trouble displaying a line of fabric that is particularly strong, bulky and heavy. Previous attempts at creating a sales tool resulted in sample books that customers found to be heavy, hard to look through and awkward, causing them to dislike flipping through the fabric. Twitchell had a new idea to improve their sample book, “Trendex was the only sample maker who would even consider manufacturing the spiral bound book that we were looking for.”

The Solution

Trendex worked with Twitchell to design a presentation flip-book that provides an enjoyable hands-on experience for customers. With nearly 100 years of binding experience, Trendex was able to offer insight and abilities that allowed these spiral bound sample books to be a cost effective option.

About the Product

Since 1922, the Twitchell name has represented quality in yarns and fabrics. Twitchell has grown into a multinational manufacturer of some of the world’s most innovative fibers, textiles and coatings. With their success, a clear brand identity emerged and has become widely known. Trendex worked hard to create a product that showcased their brand through high-quality design and materials. “We love our new books and have already re-ordered. Trendex listened to our needs and provided a solution. We looked at other swatch book makers, and they only wanted to steer us back to our previous style. Thank you so much!”

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