• Lunch, Dinner, & Dessert Menu

    Unique choices of color and size for menu cover

  • Wine Menu

    Elegant customized logo for all menu sizes

The Challenge

Rioja needed menu options that complimented their Mediterranean cuisine as well as their luxury designed restaurant location in Denver, Colorado. This proved to be an opportunity for Trendex to show our creative and innovative capabilities.

The Solution

Trendex created customized menu’s for Rioja that accented their hip and vibrant restaurant atmosphere as well as their luxury cuisine. The finished product offers a selection of size options in different colors that display the restaurant logo in an elegant manner.

About the Product

The look and feel of a restaurant’s menu and guest communications is as essential to its personality as the interior design. An artful and effective presentation of your featured selections tantalizes diners’ appetites, guides their selections and can even increase the check size

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