• Front Cover

    The front cover display is attention grabbing with a glossy finish

  • Custom Inside Tray

    This unique tray displays the product parts in an organized manner

The Challenge

Tartan Marketing needed help with finding packaging solutions to fit the needs of their client, HID Global. Trendex worked with Tartan to figure out an effective design for sales representatives of HID global to allow better transport of their materials.

The Solution

Trendex designed a customized display that would allow sales representatives to carry products safely to tradeshows, off-site client visits, and could even be sent in the mail without damage. Using high levels of communication, Trendex ensures satisfaction by considering the customer at every point along the design process. In the end, HID Global was very pleased with their display product that now provides sales representatives damage-proof sales displays that win business.

About the Product

The display is clean, sharp, and features product descriptions in order to be used as a stand-alone selling piece. The display features a vacuum formed tray for perfect placement of pieces as well as a removable clear acrylic piece that protects the tray.

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