• Patterson Dental Presentation Kit

    A presentation of product lines to help doctors make quick, confident decisions about their patient room decor.

The Challenge

Patterson Dental needed a tool to facilitate and expedite the decision making process for doctors choosing patient room decor. They had two important goals:

1. Make it easy for the customer to see their options and make their selection.
2. Expedite the process so that, “everyone can get on with their day.”

The Solution

Patterson Dental and Trendex worked through a number of brainstorming sessions utilizing the Concept and Design process Trendex created. During that time, they found that by investing more into sales tools, Patterson could organize and display options quickly and effectively. This in turn reduced the cost of sales by decreasing the amount of time sales professionals needed to demonstrate their office solutions. The presentation kit made it possible for dentists to quickly and easily pick out carpeting, wall coverings, color coordinated furniture and accessories.

About the Product

The heavy duty carrying case allows sales professionals to carry everything they need on a sales call. The five sample palettes offer images of real-life remodel designs with physical samples of key materials used. The combined impact of physical samples and images arranged in a clean, easy to use format helps Patterson sales professionals back up their words and ideas with concrete evidence of high quality design and materials.

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