• A Custom Fit for Unique Samples

    Customized slots were created to securely hold each individual sample.

  • From Portable Sample Kit to Countertop Display

    The sales tool functions as a countertop display by featuring product information on the lid that stays propped up when open.

  • Every Feature Counts

    Every feature adds value: a handle to ease transportation, high quality materials to improve durability and appeal, and the ODL logo for immediate identification.

The Challenge

ODL needed a kit that would be a solution for both business to business (B2B) and business to consumer (B2C) sales. That meant the kit would need to display a wide variety of product options and colors as well as be light weight and mobile. A customer of Trendex suggested that ODL contact Trendex to help them design a new sales tool. “I found the sales rep to be engaging and helpful and decided to give Trendex a try.”

The Solution

Trendex used their concept and design process to create three different examples of sales kits for ODL, leaving the choice up to ODL to choose the design that best fit their needs. Once finalized, Trendex then produced a finished prototype for ODL that provided a realistic presentation of the product. Trendex emphasized on-going communication throughout the design process to ensure customer satisfaction before the final product was set in stone.

About the Product

The finished product not only has room for over 100 samples but also can be used as a countertop display. The top of the case stays propped up when open and allows for a sales promotional flyer to be mounted on the inside cover. Additionally, the ODL logo was screen printed on the outside of the case so when it is closed, customers can easily identify the sample kit. ODL found the new case to be very beneficial to their customer base and they attribute their record sales performance in May of 2015 to the new sales tool. “Trendex has done an outstanding job on locking in on a design and development process that works for the end user. The Trendex team was on top of the issue and brought solution options that allowed us to move forward with what we felt was the best fit.”

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