• Marketing Binder Cover

    The cover is 100% cotton with an acrylic coating to allow screening and foiling.

  • Inside Contents

    The contents allow for interaction with samples as well as a sleeve for brochures

The Challenge

Materials Marketing ™ is America’s oldest, largest and only fully integrated manufacturer of hand-carved architectural and dimensional stone. They had new samples that weren’t being fully utilized in their previously used marketing binder and Trendex worked with their ideas to create the best solution.

The Solution

Trendex built on the ideas Materials Marketing provided to create a marketing binder that features inside sleeves for brochures and books, and customized foam to hold beautiful samples of stones offered. Materials Marketing was looking to make their stone marketing kit more interactive, so Trendex included finger cut-outs in the foam to make it easier to remove and insert the samples. Trendex also offered many suggestions for the texture of the cover, the binder size, the placement of the brochure pocket, etc.

About the Product

The finished marketing binder for Materials Marketing is a custom sized display kit that offers samples of stone, brochures and books. Materials Marketing came to Trendex knowing they wanted a unique design that not many companies are capable of creating and Trendex delivered a presentation that wins business.

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