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    With over 60 different types of granite, Kafka needed a way to hold them all

The Challenge

Kafka Granite, one of the leading manufacturers of specialty crushed stone, needed to update their sample kits. Before, they put granite samples in plastic bags and hung them on a metal ring. This made it difficult to show off their samples and look professional.

The Solution

Kafka turned to Trendex for a product that was more user-friendly. They suggested using two fold up sample cases with die-cut foam inside to hold the jars full of granite. After seeing the new kits not only were customers impressed but many of their suppliers wanted to create their own. Tiffany Kafka said, “We needed a better way to present our samples. Trendex helped consider our ideas while suggesting the features we were looking for. We are very happy. It’s been a great experience working with them.”

About the Product

The Kafka Granite sample kit includes:

  • Natural high density 80 pt. Eska chipboard
  • Arrestox book cloth wrap
  • Die-cut foam
  • 60 sample jars per case
  • Magnetic closure

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