• Album Release Binder

    The Binder is sleek and confidential, conveying suspense

The Challenge

Trendex was chosen to create a unique binder for the artist Jay-Z in promotion of his new album “Magna Carta Holy Grail (MCHG)”. The binder would be used as a scavenger hunt device to mystify fans as well as urge them to race around New York City to search for the binder containing long awaited album information.

The Solution

Pairing with members of Jay-Z’s team, twitter clues were given to lure fans in New York to various Brooklyn locations in order to discover the mystery binder related to his approaching album release. Fans were held in suspense until a fan finally found the hidden binder which reveleaded the official track list of the anticipated album.

About the Product

The binder was created specifically to feature Jay-Z’s logo and to also match the elegance of his album cover.

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