• Rare Construction

    It takes a fair amount of work to have a printed sheet trapped in on an easel binder

  • Great Durability

    The vinyl will hold up well and the trapped in sheet makes sure that the graphics won't fade away

The Challenge

Buffalo Wild Wings, a fast casual restaurant chain, needed an orientation binder to educate new employees. They knew they wanted an easel binder so many people could see it at once. However, they didn’t know the best way to produce it.

The Solution

Together with Tandem Printing, BWW worked with Trendex to create a more user-friendly presentation. Our consultant Bill suggested an easel back trap-in binder where the printed sheet is sealed with clear vinyl. This not only saved money but ensured that the product looked great and fit with their brand. Aimee Patet said, “Our experience was great on this project. We received a quick quote from Bill and once the job was in production everything ran smooth and on time. They looked great when we received the final product. Our customer loves them!”

About the Product

The Buffalo Wild Wings Binder includes:

  • Eska Premium cover board for easel back
  • Black suede vinyl
  • Crystal Clear CopyGuard vinyl for overlay
  • Black rivets attached to the back panel with black finished ring metal

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