• Ornately Decorated Binder

    The complex combination of die cutting and screen printing make the graphic in this piece pop

The Challenge

The Boston Beer Company was looking for a binder that would highlight their most popular beer, Sam Adams. As a brand plan for the upcoming year, they needed it to be professional and showcase exactly what their beer is all about.

The Solution

The consultants at Trendex suggested chipboard that had the top layer die cut and the bottom layer printed. With a crisp design that matched the freshness of their beer, Boston Beer Company managed to impress everyone.  Alice Iverson said, “We thank you for providing us with a new and unique quality selling tool to help us market our beers. The feedback from our distributors and accounts that have seen our Brand Plan has been incredible!”

About the Product

The Sam Adams binder includes:

  • Four color process insert put between plies of chipboard
  • Silk-screened board with a wash of green and blue
  • Cloth-like liner
  • Die cut top layer

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