• Boca Chica Menu

    Boca Chica now has a menu that reflects their brand image

The Challenge

Boca Chica came to Trendex in need of help for their restaurant menu needs. Boca Chica worked with Inspired Creative for their graphic design needs but needed Trendex for ideas on the presentation itself.

The Solution

Trendex worked with both Boca Chica and Inspired Creative to match the brands image with menus that relflect this image. Boca Chica has a southwestern flavor to their brand that is shown in their menus.

About the Product

The finished menu offers removable sheets, an elastic binder to hold the sheets, french panel with ribbon corners, and unique pockets on the front and back covers to offer special limited time deals. Boca Chica was very pleased with this product in the end, which is the goal of Trendex.

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