Recycling milk jugs to create poly binders ensures a high level of sustainability.

These are cost-efficient and make the recycling of plastics a success economically.

Benefits of Poly Binders

Poly Binders are made from recycled milk jugs and turned into a solid sheet of poly plastic. They do not contain rigid chipboard – their flexibility is dependent on the gauge used to construct them. They can also be made from a thin poly which is very lightweight and flexible, or the poly material can be thicker to create a rigid binder. Even with the thicker gauges, these binders are still usually lighter in weight than vinyl binders of the same size.

One very positive aspects of poly binders are they are extremely durable and environmentally friendly. They can withstand very cold and very hot temperatures, which makes them an ideal choice for materials. Also, poly is stain-resistant and easy to clean. It is great for circumstances that could expose them to various elements as they are by far the most durable option. They can also withstand being dropped, tossed and handled roughly on a daily basis.

Inside pockets can also be added. Adding pockets to a poly binder is more expensive than doing so to a vinyl binder because of the processing required.

In conclusion, vinyl and poly binders are high-quality material and made with superior craftsmanship. Each has its own specific advantages and disadvantages, but if you’re looking for an environmentally friendly option, poly is the way to go. Determining how you want your binder to look and in what manner you will use them allows you to make the best choice between these products. : Wholesale CASE of 25 - Acco/Wilson Jones Accohide ...

Poly Binders Simple Facts


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