Binders are an essential component to any office space. They create organization and give protection to possessions within the binder. They’ve been around for over 166 years as a way to store loose leaf paper and grew to be a popular choice for storing papers and other materials all over the world.

Let’s take a look at the past, present, and future of binders.


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The loose-leaf paper patent was filed in 1854. As time went by, people realized that even though it was convenient to have loose-leaf paper, it was sometimes difficult to organize it. They saw that when they purchased paper already in notebooks, they did not need to worry about filing papers. In 1854, patents were filed for both the 2-ring and 3-ring binders by Henry T. Sisson of Providence, Rhode Island. Sisson recognized the need to be able to protect pages, although he was not yet exactly sure how to fix the problem. Sisson spent the next few years perfecting his design.

It wasn’t until 1899 for a binder to be available for purchase. The Chicago Binder and File Company was one of the 1st companies to offer a binder for sale. Companies first sold 2-ring binders but eventually found that 3-ring binders did a better job of holding papers in place.


Today, binders are everywhere. They come in several different shapes, sizes, materials, and designs to fit any need. Ring metals can be shaped in a round ring, D-ring, and angle D-ring. Binder sizes can range from as little at 1/2″ to over 3″. There are also a lot of materials that binders can be made out of such as poly, vinyl, and recycled materials. Binders also come in many different colors and patterns, and are customizable with foil stamping and screen printing.


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Binders remain a useful component for organization and storage. Today there is an increase in eco-friendly binders made out of recycled materials and soy based inks. This new type of binder allows for a more sustainable option for organizational needs. The trend towards customization will also be prevalent with binders as well.




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