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No matter the industry or the product, there are challenging sample packaging issues.

The demand for personalized packaging is growing by the day. 

To be efficient and overcome sample packaging challenges, there are a few key items to consider. These items can positively impact the costs and lead time for your sample packages.

Learn how to become more efficient and overcome packing challenges with these tips. 

Tips For Sample Packaging Challenges

  • Reduce the number of contacts involved in the approval process

    • Identify the key points in the approval process and remove any additional eyes that are not necessary. Think of each step in the process as a contact point and have one person own that step for review, contact, and approvals. More people and locations involved create more opportunities for complications to arise that will hold up your production time. This will impact costs and chances for errors.
  • Communication

    • Make sure the lines of communication are open across the supply chain and there is clarity across the board.  In this industry, confusion can happen easily when a minor change is made to an item. If you need a change or spot an error during review, each point of contact needs to be easily accessible. Make sure your needs are clear to the packager so you get the results you’re paying for.
  • Weekly Meetings

    • Hold weekly meetings to review the status of production and further improve communication efforts. This can be a huge benefit to manage at different points in the supply chain. Discuss what needs to be done for changes and make sure every contact is clear on the packaging requirements for consistency.
  • Organize

    • Having good organization is extremely important, especially with multiple product samples. A great way to manage your products is to have a folder or a binder holding all information on the item. This should also include status on changes. Any change that is made should have its documentation saved so there is always a place to find and go back if needed.

Managing your sample packaging processes can be daunting, but using the tips above can help improve the process. To find out more about how Trendex can help you with your next project, click here to contact us!


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