For projects that require more customization such as sales and sample kits, we’ve developed a creative process called design thinking. In order to best serve clients who need a product that radiates their brand, we start out by consulting with them so we can learn everything about their business. Then we create a strategy so that the best design and materials can go into the product. Before we manufacture all of the products at once, we create a prototype to ensure that the customer is satisfied. 


Design thinking allows us to fully understand clients and their needs while giving them the necessary tools to describe what they’re looking for and why. It’s truly a collaborative process where their art teams and our product designers come up with a unique solution that looks great and functions properly. When customers receive a finished product that differs from what anticipated, nobody is happy. That simply doesn’t happen at Trendex because we go through a strict proofing process with prototypes and quality control during production. 


To learn more about design thinking, look at the infographic below. 



If you would like to create a project together using design thinking contact us.

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