Chances are you don’t know how our custom 3-ring binders are made. That’s why we want to show you.

The purpose of custom 3-ring-binders  in your business is to attract customers and expand your brand. Businesses utilize custom products constantly and it won’t be stopping any time soon! Below you will find our process of how we make custom binders here at Trendex.


The first step to anything custom is the design. Depending on our customers’ capabilities, they can provide us with their design, or we can design their product for them. If we create a custom design for a company, we always send it to them for approval. After approval, the binder is ready for production.


A question that has been asked a lot is, “what are binders made of”? Each process gives the binder a unique look and feel. There are many routes our customers can go in terms of the type of material such as turned edgepoly, eco-friendly, and many more.

We can decorate a binder in a lot of different ways. Our screen printing process utilizes direct-to-screen technology which ensures your logo will be printed properly in the finest detail. Once the screen is imaged, our screen printers make sure your brand is printed properly.


The last process in the creation of custom binders is ringing. We use rivets to attach different size ring metals to the heat-sealed cases. The size and shape of the rings vary for every binder. 

From start to finish the production process for custom binders takes a lot of detail, but with our years of experience, we make it look easy! When you’re thinking about custom binders, there are more options than you may know. 

Looking to get your own custom binders into production?

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