[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Project management is one of the unheralded pillars of a functioning business. Without it, deadlines wouldn’t be met, costs would be out of control and you would get a product that is unrecognizable.

Our project management team keeps each project grounded. It takes a lot of work but we need to in order to marry the big vision to the details. I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s worth the time to deliver the results you need.


Here is why project management is so significant:


1. Clear expectations and objectives

Before the project starts, you need to know what the expectations are and what you want to accomplish. Project managers communicate what they need in order to deliver on their promise.

It’s a two-way street. Customers can’t provide things they do not know about and we can’t get things done ourselves that require your assistance. Making certain that everybody understands the process, stays in the loop and has the same objective is crucial to a successful project.


2. Realistic deadlines and pacing

It’s never smart to do things on the fly, especially in business. Project management creates a road-map that outlines every step that needs to be done. By doing all of the planning at the forefront, deadlines are spaced out and accomplished incrementally.

There’s a lot of steps involved in each project from designing the mechanics and getting artwork to ordering materials and scheduling production. You can’t afford to work with a company that doesn’t plan ahead.


3. Efficient costs and timing

Project management also helps to control costs. Initial budgeting lays out the expected costs for each part of the process so there shouldn’t be any surprises.

Not everything will go exactly to plan but setting a budget minimizes the potential for added expenses. The ability to maximize company resources and personnel assures that every minute spent on your project is delivering your product.



4. Freedom to change

Planning out everything paradoxically allows for change if the need arises. It’s not ideal but there’s a lot less panic when you know where you can find extra time and room in the budget. Sitting down and planning at the outset lets you try to anticipate any setbacks and set aside some resources.

In the swatching industry, a lot can go wrong from materials being late and incorrect artwork, to poor scheduling and manufacturing errors. You need a partner who can weather the storm and deliver the results you paid to get.


5. Project oversight

Complex projects require a diverse group of people and the larger the group the more there is to manage. Project management puts controls into place to monitor performance and keep tabs on the project every step of the way.

Standard protocol keeps each team member accountable and cognizant of the project’s time-frame. Constant communication between not only the project team but the company and the client is the only way for the project to succeed.


6. You get exactly what you want

The most important thing is that you get a high-quality product delivered on time. By working with a company that stresses project management and efficiency you’re on your way to getting just that.

Measurement of nearly all of the project’s success comes in the end result. Take the time to understand and evaluate the processes that will enrich your company.


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