In order for us to create the perfect custom product for your unique needs, we go through a specific design thinking process that you approve every step of the way.

Rough Sketch

The first step in the design process is to create a rough sketch of how the product will function. What kind of closures you want on your binder? Do you want your presentation box to open out or have a lid?

VSS Mind Binder Sketch

3D Rendering

Next, we create a 3D rendering of what the final product will look like. This means we create a three-dimensional image on a computer, and add all the colors, logos and finishing touches that you decided to of with. This allows you to get a better idea of how the product will look once all the specifications have been decided.

Tesla Sample Kit 3D Rendering

CAD Drawing

After the 3D rendering, we construct a CAD (computer-aided design) drawing of how exactly the product will fit together. We figure out the exact dimensions needed for the slipcase to slide on smoothly, the size of the box to fit your product just right, or how to fit all of your fabric samples on a swatch card based on the size you choose.

Keystone CAD Drawing


Finally we create a physical prototype of the actual product, or white box, to show you what it will look like before sending it to production. Prototypes usually don’t have the colors and artwork you picked — the reason it is called a “white box.” The reason we create this is so you can get an idea of what your customers will experience when they open your packaging for the first time.

3M Sample Kit Prototype


Once you get a look at the prototype, we will talk about anything you don’t like or you want to change about the product. If you don’t like how the product fits in the box or how it opens, now would be the time for us to go back and design something else instead.


When everything has been approved and all materials have arrived, we will schedule your order for production. The production process usually takes about 4-6 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the order. As soon as it is completed and has been quality checked, we ship the final product directly to you.

Contact us today to request a quote or set up a free consultation to learn more about the design process!

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