Businesses must stand out to succeed. At Trendex, we create custom sales kits to help you do just that. Such kits are an excellent method of putting the uniqueness of your company on display.

Custom sales kits are an investment and need to drive sales. They’re only successful if they get a response, a sale, or create interest to customers. They’re a representation of what your business and products are all about. We will assist you in telling the narrative of your brand while getting the biggest impression from your audience.

Eye-catching kits increase your product visibility by giving customers a tactile, sensory experience. They’re great for impressing new customers and functioning as a stand-alone product display tool for retail settings.

Let’s look at these custom sales kits a little more closely to see how they can benefit your business and how to go about using them to your benefit.

First Impressions 

Although your products stand alone as top-quality merchandise, the first impressions that consumers have in competitive niches are critical. Using custom sales kits as a packaging and marketing tool is about grabbing the attention of your audience and quickly convincing them to choose your products or service.

To have the best possible first impression with a custom sales kit, always research your audience. Focus on primary buyers (purchase 50% or more) to allow you to find out how your products and services provide the best solution to their problems. This will then help you improve your custom sales kit.

Think of what your target customer would want to see in a product and make it happen. Packaging companies that create custom marketing kits will certainly be able to assist in formatting the designs to suit your needs.

What To Include In A Sales Kit

RFA decor turned edge binder with poly tabs

Sales kits can include any kind of samples and promotional materials. It’s important to have a clear message depicting the values of your brand and provide a complete list of products and services you offer. Stay focused on your product’s benefits and highlight features that create the benefits. Also, consider what is important to your target audience. You might want to consider creating individual sales kits for different recipients and how your business can help them. 

Differentiate Your Brand

One of the top reasons for making your product distinct is to differentiate your brand from competitors. Custom kits provide a way to show your audience the uniqueness of your brand. Custom sales kits can boost your brand image and make your products easily recognizable. 

Material Matters

making ends meet game board

Many different package styles and materials can be used to create custom sales kits. They can be as simple as a brochure, binder, or consist of a box that displays product samples. 

The materials used to feature your products can also help boost your brand profile. For example, if your brand values sustainability, recyclable materials could be used in the construction of the sales kit.

Along with the material, the color scheme also has a dramatic impact on consumer decisions. Choosing the most effective colors for your sales kit can ensure the maximum results from your investment.

Boost Sales

While custom sales kits might seem like a large one-time investment, it’s important to keep them up to date since your products and marketing strategy evolves. It would be cost-prohibitive to update your sales kit frequently, though it is good to re-evaluate regularly. 

Effective kits are memorable and stick out in customers’ minds. Make sure to include a “call to action” which encourages potential new customers to contact you and engage with your business.

Investing in thoughtful and appealing custom sales kits can enhance value to your products and services, making the brand stand out from the crowd. The goal for custom sales kits is to increase sales with an added benefit of increasing brand recognition.

Having something tangible for existing and potential clients to see, hold, and hear can leave a lasting impression. Involving them in the discovery amplifies the experience especially when the kit allows them to try the product out for themselves. 



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