Trendex has been working pretty hard to craft new ways to showcase what we do. Our added value of Concept & Design is what we feel gives market advantage and we have taken our time to perfect this process as we know it works! For sales tools and presentation materials to be effective, they have to be attention-grabbing, memorable, and professional. Brand materials need to align with your company’s identity and goals. But how do you go about creating a strategic sales tool or presentation?

We’ve developed a unique concept & design process for creating highly effective sales tools and presentations. Here’s how our hands-on, collaborative process works:


Schedule a Consultation

Before we can design a solution, we need to understand your business inside and out. We take time to discover what makes your company special and who your target audiences are. We identify your challenges, strengths, business goals, and opportunities for growth.

Create a Strategy

Once we’ve clarified your goals, we can develop a strategy that targets them effectively. We will determine the type of product that will serve you best and create a custom design for that product specifically.

Build a Prototype

When the design is complete, we create a prototype. As a team, we will work with the customer to make adjustments to the design or materials, or if we’re ready for final production. This process saves time and money which guarantees satisfaction in the long-run.

Move to Final Production

Trendex manages every aspect of final production, to ensure that the final product turns out exactly as planned.

Through this strategic process, together we create presentations and sales tools that get measurable results. We work hard during the design process to ensure that the final product will be exactly what the customer had envisioned.


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