Our company was founded in 1919 as United Ruling & Binding. A handful of employees created hardcover binders to hold important government records and restored  books that were falling apart.

In 1985 Jeff and Tom Polacek took over the business, changed the name to Trendex, and greatly expanded its manufacturing and printing services. These new products included marketing materials, sales proposals and image documents.

Trendex manufacturing plant in St. Paul Minnesota
Trendex Production Floor


Over the past three decades, Trendex has grown from just 6 employees to over 40. Our manufacturing facility has more than quadrupled in size from 11,000 square feet to 50,000 square feet. And in an effort to increase our service offerings, Trendex has acquired over 15 companies including American Loose Leaf, Compton Presentation Systems and SwatchWorks.

Today, Trendex has transitioned from solely offering paper products to products that people need to see and feel. We are looking to shake up the sampling industry by providing the whole package to our customers. No longer do clients have to go to multiple vendors when they can go through the painless process with Trendex.