How can you make your B2B sales tools stand out in a crowded marketplace?

If you’re selling a commodity, like granite countertops, wooden flooring, carpeting and sand, it can sometimes be a challenge making your company stand out from others in your industry. After all, the differences between your product and that of your competitors can seem slight to the uninitiated. Consider the following tips:

1. Emphasize service. While competing companies may offer similar natural stone or carpeting, not every company has your company’s superior level of service, before, during and after the sale. After all, what good is the best granite countertop on the market if it isn’t installed correctly or if the customer can’t reach someone after the sale with a question or concern. Make sure that potential customers know the type of service you offer.

2. Stress what makes your company unique. In addition to service, there are likely several things that set your company apart from the competition. Maybe it’s your extensive employee training. Maybe it’s your flexible hours or your multiple locations. Maybe it’s that your company is family-owned and/or has been in business for generations. Make sure that your customers know about these pluses.

3. Be a little different. Being a little different can also help your B2B sales tools to stand out. For example, if everyone in your industry offers printed marketing material, consider presenting your marketing message on video. If 2″x2″ samples are the norm in your business, consider offering 6″ samples instead. You might also want to look at your logo. If the other companies in your industry have two-color, conservative logos, try something bright, in multiple colors, something that a customer will notice easily in a pile of other sales material.

4. Be creative in your marketing. Look for marketing avenues for your B2B sales tools that aren’t crowded by competing sales messages. For example, if all of your competitors are marketing their wares on Facebook, maybe it’s time to post a board on Pinterest with pictures of how your business customers have used your products to make their offices more attractive. Or, perhaps you should post a video tour of your showroom on YouTube. Being creative in how you use your sales tools can get you noticed, even in a crowded marketplace.

5. Offer something extra. Competing on price is a losing proposition. The customer will never see the value in such a strategy and will virtually always leave your company when the other guy sets his price even lower. However, offering something over and above the standard package can help to differentiate your company from your competition. This could be something like free cleaning products for a new hardwood floor or granite coasters to match the countertop for a kitchen installation.