TOS turned edge binder with flap closure

Stand Out

Turned edge binders are the most luxurious option available. They are made by wrapping the outer material around the inside and then putting in a liner. The result is very similar to a textbook and customers like that polished look. From there, options like a magnetic closure, stitching or a Eurobind can make your product stand out further.

Empower Users

We work with a number of vendors so that you have many materials to choose from including vivella and Arrestox. Your binder can then be die cut, debossed, embossed, foil stamped or inserted with custom tabs for the perfect finish. Turned edge binders are the best way to have people connect with your brand. Talk with us and we’ll create something great together.

red heartwork yoga training turned edge flap closure binder
turned edge binder foil stamped
Jay Z album turned edge ring binder
doonbeg stitched ring binder

“The team was so excited to see the binders. They smiled like kids with new toys. Thanks in advance for the awesome work you guys do, as always!” – Cynithea Reeder, Ernst & Young 

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