Close the Deal

Make a first impression so strong they can’t refuse

Our sample kits are made with the end-user in mind. We balance the durability salesmen need with the interactivity customers want. From a box with a handle for portability to a simple slipcase, each product is made to fit the specific needs of that organization.

As customers become more selective, businesses have to stand out to capture attention. Let your products shine and make an unforgettable first impression.

Have an idea already in mind?

We can make a case for any material from granite and stone to glass and more

“Trendex listened to our needs and concerns and produced a sample kit that satisfies all of our specifications and quickly! The kit turned out great and fits our brand perfectly.” – Sarah Warzecha, Cold Spring Granite

To learn more about sample kits, and all the other ways that Trendex can help drive your business forward, download our comprehensive ebook, “The Essential Guide to Fabric Sampling.”