leather swatch cards

Great first impression

Sample cards are a convenient and cost-effective way to show off your samples. They are also able to display a lot of SKUs without using as much material. We can create a sandwich card if a surface mount won’t do or pink the edges to make it more durable. Other options include a feeler so customers can feel the whole swatch and an island to get a better look.

Options include:

  • Pinked
  • Straight cut
  • Feeler
  • Island

Flexible Presentation

With new technology, swatches can even be digitally printed for an almost exact match and save you more money on material. A great way to stay organized and enhance the presentation is to keep your sample cards in a binder. Fortunately, Trendex manufactures binders as well and we can make the perfect one for your cards.

automotive swatch card
tablecloth waterfall swatch cards
group swatch cards

To learn more about sample cards, and all the other ways that Trendex can help drive your business forward, download our comprehensive ebook, “The Essential Guide to Fabric Sampling.”

“Trendex was the most affordable company I could find for that quality of service and product” – Julie Kodicek, J&L Book Productions

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