memo samples
memo samples
memo sample
memo sample

Display with Confidence

Memo samples are simply large individual swatches and are often times pinked or serged. Whereas other samples are used to show off their whole selection, memos are sent to customers who are interested in that specific material. Because of this, memo samples are more affordable and generally have a greater ROI.

Label options include:

  • Print on the back of the material
  • Separate labels
  • Tickets

Seamless Fulfillment

Some companies, such as Trendex, offer fulfillment services so that you don’t have to store or ship them yourself. They truly are one of the simplest and efficient methods of sampling for the manufacturer, the vendor and the customer. Talk to us today and get your memo samples made and delivered in a cinch.

To learn more about memo samples, and all the other ways that Trendex can help drive your business forward, download our comprehensive ebook, “The Essential Guide to Fabric Sampling.”

“Your team did an amazing job with great quality and service. We are all very satisfied with the end product and you were great to work with.” – Johanna Sanchez, RFA Decor

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