spradling marine fan deck

Easy to Compare Samples

Fan decks are a collection of strips that are placed on top of each other and glued with swatches. Ideal for many SKUs, it is easy for customers to fan out all the swatches and compare them. Fan decks are best for showing smaller patterns.

Options include:

  • Straight cut
  • Pinked
  • Feeler

Go the extra mile

We can even make a custom cover to protect the swatches or simply make it more professional. Customers praise the product as it gives them a user-friendly tool so they can make the best decision.

To learn more about fan decks, and all the other ways that Trendex can help drive your business forward, download our comprehensive ebook, “The Essential Guide to Fabric Sampling.”

“Trendex helped our team design the mechanics of the fan deck and offered the best price in the end. They have been a huge success.” – Meghan Burke, Spradling International

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