“You have to spend money to make money”

What do you want your sales tools to say about your product: that you offer average service or that you offer innovation and creativity? To improve sales you have to invest both time and money into the tools that represent your brand values. But how do you invest in a way that is guaranteed to increase revenue?

Many people make the mistake of asking the wrong questions in the beginning stages of brainstorming such as, “How much will the investment cost?” Take a step back and think long term: “What message do we want to convey and what sales tools can help us achieve that representation?”

To get noticed, sales tools must be innovative, creative, and unique to the brand. Trendex has developed a custom design process that has been proven to produce highly effective sales tools and save time and money.

     1. Schedule a Consultation

Before we can design a solution at Trendex, we need to understand the needs of your business inside and out. We take time to understand the goals of your company, to identify your target market, and to examine your strengths and challenges.

     2. Create a Strategy

Once we’ve identified your goals, we develop a design strategy that will achieve results. We will design a custom product that will serve you best to convey the message intended. We want to separate your brand from the crowd, not to blend in.  Instead of following the competitor, Trendex aims to create products that are unique and innovative.

     3. Build a Prototype

When the design is complete, a prototype is created. At this point, the Trendex team will determine if adjustments need to be made or if it is appropriate to move to final production. This process eliminates financial risk as it allows a chance for alterations before the final product is complete.

     4. Move to Final Production

Trendex ensures that the final product turns out exactly as planned by managing every aspect of final production. The Trendex team incorporates aspects of design, manufacturing, purchasing , and production collectively to guarantee timeliness and satisfaction.

Through this strategic process, together we create presentations and sales tools that get measurable results.

So why should you pay extra for concept and design?

Doesn’t your current vendor include this in the price? The answer is no, they do not. Using a cookie-cutter design with your company logo on it is not unique design and is not creative. Using easily made sales tools will result in products that blend in with competitors. It takes time and innovation to create sales tool that are unique to the brand. Spend your money wisely; invest in sales tools that guarantee results.